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Tea is good for your health......

Posted on Jun 01, 2015 in Garden

…… but did you know it is also extremely good for the garden too?

Many of us enjoy a refreshing cuppa throughout the day and are aware of the countless health benefits of drinking tea, but how many of us know that tea leaves make a great organic fertiliser?

Tea leaves are good for lots more than just brewing tea, they are also a good source of nitrogen for your garden. Just as tea energises, refreshes and nourishes us, it can do the same for the garden too.

Now that the better weather is upon us and  we can get out to tend to our flower beds or veggie patches, why not try putting your used tea leaves to work in the garden? And you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too by preventing the tea leaves from ending up in a landfill site!!

So, how can tea leaves be used in the garden?

Sprinkle used tea leaves around the base of acid loving plants such as roses, hydrangeas, azaleas, and rhododendrons, and dig in around the plants to condition and fertilise the soil and add nutrients to the root systems. Adding a layer of tea leaves aids moisture retention and helps ward off weeds. Don't overdo it though as too thick a layer of wet leaves could attract unwelcome bugs!!!

If you are using tea leaves in the vegetable garden, mix the leaves thoroughly into the soil, which will enable the nitrogen to be incorporated more quickly. Tomatoes, peppers and aubergines love the antioxidants and nitrogen contained in tea!!! As tea is high in nitrogen adding a layer to the soil can also ward off unwanted insects and pests such as slugs and snails.

Sprinkling used tea leaves around the base of plants helps to increase drainage, promotes earthworms, increases the oxygen level and maintains the soil structure. Thus using your left over tea leaves provides a good shot of nutrients for the soil and acts as a soil conditioner and organic fertiliser!!!

And… if you want to encourage your seeds to germinate, soak them in cold tea, the tannins contained in tea will soften the seed casing and promote germination.

So whether you garden indoors or outside and want your roses or african violets to bloom beautifully, put your used tea leaves to use and do your bit for the environment!

Tea is good for your health......