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Green tea and dark chocolate

Posted on Dec 30, 2016

Feeling stressed or need an energy boost?

Time for tea and dark chocolate!

Research has shown that eating dark chocolate with 60% cacao and drinking green tea, which contains the amino acid L-theanine, can help you relax, help you to concentrate and pay attention and not surprisingly, lift your mood!

Dark chocolate, like green tea contains antioxidants which help to fight unstable molecules in the body and have been shown to be good for the heart, reduce bad cholesterol, and act as a relaxant to reduce stress and guard against cardiovascular disease.

So chill out at any time of the day with a cup of green tea and some dark chocolate, full of healthy antioxidants to calm and relax you. Together they can lower cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and reduce anxiety.

Feeling sluggish? Bored between 4pm and your evening meal? Forget coffee and cake! Fill the gap with a delicious cup of tea and some dark chocolate, full of healthy nutrients to help revitalise you, get you mentally alert and keep you positive and smiling. The antioxidants have anti-ageing properties and are believed to increase the life span, slow the ageing process, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and keep you looking youthful for longer.

The L-theanine in green tea and dark chocolate create a sense of relaxation and calm and activate brain waves similar to what you would experience during meditation. And on the opposite end of the scale can improve mental health, make you more attentive and alert and prevent the onset of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimers and prevent age-related decline.

Stress kills. So if you are feeling stressed, take some time out and relax with a cup of green  tea and indulge in some dark chocolate, to reduce the risk of depression, relieve stress, anxiety and calm your nerves.

Fact. 10 out of 10 of us will die, so if you want to live a longer, peaceful, life and have better mental and physical health, it’s time for green tea and dark chocolate (in moderation though!).





Green tea and dark chocolate